The Startup Movement is just the surface phenomenon. What’s really happening is much deeper, more profound, and incredibly important. I’ve arrived at this conclusion after working with thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, executives, investors, and other professionals over the past year or two. Since my book The Rainforest was published…

I’ve realized that, despite outward appearances, the Startup Movement is not just about startups. It is actually a deeper cultural shift that cuts to the heart of the human condition. It reflects a dissatisfaction with the way much of the world has gone for the last several decades. It marks a transformation in how we view our societies, how we convene our communities, how we create value together as human beings. It’s a counterpoint to the governing economic paradigm – what economists call neoliberalism – which has prized efficiency and productivity above everything else, even when it has corroded relationships that bond us together in our communities and social networks.

The Startup Movement is like a reboot of the human spirit.

The Startup Movement Is Not About Startups, Actually – Victor W. Hwang on Forbes.

The Startup Movement Is Not About Startups, Actually – Forbes


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