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We went to Seedcamp! Here's what happened

Oh my blog, long time no see. Reality is that after Seedcamp London we were in stack overflow, and needed some time to reboot and defrag. Before going there we felt honoured, like Ad Avengers’ Farhan Lalji says in his post, and after we’ve been really on crack like the guys from Mob1serv (here they are). It doesn’t happen often to be spotted by TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Eu and, most of all, to meet such a great group of people, with european startuppers and highly valuable mentors – have a look to the photos here or here.

So here’s the story. You apply to Seedcamp (check the calendar here), then wait. Afterwards it may happen that Philipp writes you saying “You’re in”. You just have the time to think “Don’t panic” that Reshma (Seedcamp’ former CEO, now partner) writes an e-mail to the group saying “Best thing to do is prep prep prep”. Kinda three days before going. How prep? Prep what? “Ok, panic”.

But, as all the other Internet professionals out there, we’re born prep, and used to work in the worst conditions (except for absence of gravity). “Just go on and do the job”, we say to ourselves. So, pack ev’ up and take off.

Seedcamp - Entering Nesta LondonSeedcamp - The briefingSeedcamp - The learning session

Perfectly in late (we’re Italians, it’s not our fault), we enter the briefing the afternoon before the event. We do not understand anything, but, luckily, stupid questions are allowed, so I go on asking. Don’t miss the brief and do the presentation trial with other startupper’s and available mentors. Very useful: we got valuable feedback and changed our prez accordingly.

Seedcamp morning. 9:30am prompt, five minutes each and there the 20 startups go pitchin’. Here’s Nicola Junior Vitto and me presenting Blomming (thanks Rougefrog for the photo).

Blomming presenting at Seedcamp

That’s Seedcamp: relentless. 20 pitch one after the other, with a learning session at the end. We listened from Eldar Tuvey, co-founder of ScanSafe, the story of his startup, difficulties, changes, ups and downs and the $183 million exit to Cisco. Great startup advice: everybody loved “Never ever ever ever EVER give up!”. That’s another quality of Seedcamp. People is not here to teach a lesson, but to tell their story. We’re all peers. Gazillionaires and pirates work together. Continue Reading…